The Strong Ones

The journey through mental and emotional health

Three stories about mental and emotional health. We here at ViOp hope to tell stories that make people feel seen and heard.

Featuring musical theater and operatic repertoire, ViOp presents a series of music videos exploring the struggle, the battle, and growth of people dealing with mental and emotional health. We hope to give a lens to these struggles and give hope to people that where ever they are at in their battle they are, in fact, THE STRONG ONES.

TRIGGER WARNING: themes discussed include manic depression and grief, domestic violence, alcoholism, and struggles with sexuality and divorce. 

We are listening. 

Singers include: Erik Bagger, Jay Lucas Chacon, Legera Danielides, Lauren Gismondi, Matt Gittins, Emily Hughes, & Andrew Leonforte.


With pianists: Eric Sedgwick & Shoshana Seid-Green

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