A socially distanced film version of the lesser known version of the classic story by Henri Murger. Leoncavallo writes one of the most glorious settings depicting the chaotic and heart wrenching breakup of the bohemian couples. 


Melissa Serluco - Musette

Bonnie Frauenthal - Mimi

Alexei Kuznietsov - Marcello

Jay Lucas Chacon - Rodolfo

Michael Dauphanais - Piano

With artists in Germany, Arizona, and the NYC area, these artists come together to create an episodic film of this beautiful act. Through individual filming and distant direction, this experimental style makes for a new and unique form of collaboration. 

La bohème; Act 3

by Ruggero Leoncavallo


by Pietro Mascagni

Coming in December!


Allison Gish - Zanetto

Kirsten Kunkel - Silvia


Crossing Paths

Music of all the stages

Tenor John Riesen, Baritone Jay Lucas Chacon and Pianist Jon Garrett join together to create a virtual recital featuring famous duets from opera and musical theater.

An American Story

music by Aaron Copland

concieved by Jay Lucas Chacon

Coming in November!

A story based on the Old American Songs by Aaron Copland and other American composers. Follow the journey of a man who comes to see and understand the world beyond his front yard. Music that captures the American spirit, this is a beautiful story  growth and what it means to be a good American.


Thomas Sitzler - Baritone | 227 South 2nd Street, #3, Brooklyn, NY 11211
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