The CHESS Project

Freedom From the Fields.jpeg

A studio-style cabaret performance of music from the musical Chess. ViOp Productions ventures into the realm of musical theater with Chess, bringing in artists with musical theater, rock, and operatic experience. 

Chess is loosly based on the story of Bobby Fisher and the World Chess Championship of 1972 that attracted world wide attention due to the political implications that the match was a Cold War standoff between the USA and the USSR. The characters of the story are strategically placed like chess pieces between the two political sides to execute their plans and achieve their own goals. 

The music of Chess shows a wide range of versatility with rock and pop style music, traditional musical theater compositions, and operatic style moments. 



Lauren Gismondi - Florence

Jay Lucas Chacon - Anatoly

Ryan Murvin - Frieddie

Emily Royer - Svetlana

Shoshana Seid-Green - Piano

May 21st, 7:30pm