Crossing Paths

Tenor John Riesen, Baritone Jay Lucas Chacon and Pianist Jon Garrett join together to create a virtual recital featuring famous duets from opera and musical theater.

Music of all the stages

La boheme poster.jpg

La bohème; Act 3

by Ruggero Leoncavallo

A socially distanced film version of the lesser known version of the classic story by Henri Murger. Leoncavallo writes one of the most glorious settings depicting the chaotic and heart wrenching breakup of the bohemian couples. 

Melissa Serluco - Musette

Bonnie Frauenthal - Mimi

Alexei Kuznietsov - Marcello

Jay Lucas Chacon - Rodolfo

Michael Dauphinais - Piano

An American's Journey

music by Aaron Copland, Margaret Bonds, Steven Mark Kohn, and Florence Price.

concieved by Jay Lucas Chacon

A story based on the Old American Songs by Aaron Copland and featuring works by Florence Price, Margaret Bonds, and Steven Mark Kohn. Follow the journey of a man who comes to see and understand the world beyond his front yard. Music that captures the American spirit, this is a beautiful story  about growth and what it means to be a good American.

Tom Sitzler - The man

Kenneth Overton - The client "The Gallows Tree"

Angelica Feliciano - The date "Sympathy"

William Lim - The marginalized "Minstrel Man"

Irene Moretto - Piano

The Spirit of Christmas

A ViOp holiday special

An American's Journey.jpg

Jay Lucas Chacon, director of ViOp Productions invites you into his home to share his favorite holiday songs and memories.

With special guest appearances by tenor John Riesen and pianist Nana Shi.

It will be an evening of fun, heartwarming nostalgic music that will fill you with the holiday spirit. 

christmas special.jpg


by Pietro Mascagni

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​Mascagni' Zanetto is the story of Silvia, a near-middle aged woman afraid she will never fall in love again, until she meets the young Zanetto and finds her heart moved. Zanetto, written as en travesti (a woman playing a boy), is portrayed as a mature bohemian woman aware of her actions and how they are affecting Silvia, or so she thinks. 


Allison Gish - Zanetto

Kirsten C. Kunkle - Silvia

Jestin Pieper - Piano

Freedom From the Fields.jpg

Musical Monuments

Spirituals and the African American Concert Tradition

In collaboration with St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in southwest Washington, DCMusical Monuments is presented as part of a multifaceted series that explores the ways in which the richness of Black history can be an extraordinary vehicle for better understanding our nation.  By examining song, language, events, and concepts, you'll gain some insight into how the desire for freedom has inspired change, fear, and growth.




Stephanie Ann Ball - Soprano

Stephen B. Moore - Piano


The CHESS Project

Freedom From the Fields.jpeg

ViOp Productions ventures into the realm of musical theater with Chess, bringing in artists with musical theater, rock, and operatic experience. 

The music of Chess shows a wide range of versatility with rock and pop style music, traditional musical theater compositions, and operatic style moments. 



Lauren Gismondi - Florence

Jay Lucas Chacon - Anatoly

Ryan Murvin - Frieddie

Emily Royer - Svetlana

Shoshana Seid-Green - Piano

A studio-style concert