2020 is a year of massive change for the entire world.

The entire performing arts industry has been completely

changed this year and every artist’s career has taken a

turn they did not expect. Theater closures have left

thousand upon thousands of artists with an empty

schedule and no projects on the horizon.


With the absence of live theater, we must shift our crafts

in a different direction. ViOp Productions is a company

using 21st century technology to create collaborative performances. Through recording vocal and audio tracks, filming individually in a socially distanced environment, we create a cohesive performance for live stream, giving artists a new opportunity to continue working and creating.


Currently, ViOp Productions just wrapped up its premiere production; a duet recital featuring tenor John Riesen, baritone Jay Lucas Chacon, and pianist Jon Garrett and is well underway with its next production, a filmed version of Act 3 from La bohème by Ruggero Leoncavallo.


The vision of ViOp Productions is to continue creating film versions of operatic works, recitals and concerts. In the future, ViOp Productions with establish virtual readings of new works to help composers reach a wider, more global audience. Even once theaters reopen and we can return to live performances, ViOp Productions desires to continue creating virtual content for the operatic and theater world.


We are artists and we must continue to be artists. 

viopproductions@gmail.com | 227 South 2nd Street, #3, Brooklyn, NY 11211
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