ViOp Productions is a virtual performing company

dedicated to creating film works of operatic, classical,

music theater, and crossover music. From creating a film

of an entire production to filming concerts and recitals to

music videos, ViOp Productions brings music and

theater to wider

audciences through streaming and online viewing. 

Created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic,

ViOp Productions initial goal was to provide artists with

a place to create and continue their craft and to continue bringing content to the world, keeping art alive. With the rise of the delta strain where theaters and stages remain closed, our goal and efforts are even more paramount. 

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For the second season , ViOp Productions is creating a series of music videos of musical theater and corossover music as well as our second holiday special. More projects are under development.

ViOp Productions desires to continue creating virtual content for the operatic and theater world.

We are artists and we must continue to be artists. 

ViOp Productions completed it's first season in May 2021 with a studio-style concert, The CHESS Project featuring music from the musical Chess. Other productions in the first season included film versions of Mascagni' opera Zanetto, Act 3 from Leoncavallo' La boheme, and

An Americans Journey, a conceptual film based on Aaron Coplands Old American Songs. Recitals and concerts included Crossing Paths for the company's debut,

Musical Monuments featuring music by African American composers, and the Spirit of Christmas, a holiday special

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